For those of you that haven’t heard of Col-Lab Makeup, allow me to introduce you! Col-Lab Makeup is a brand that was created by beauty influencers. Their Color Lab is based in New York. This brand is sold exclusively at Sally Beauty Supply. It is an affordable makeup brand with high quality products. The products pictured above were sent to me for honest review. I must state, I was in love with this brand before they sent this to me…. But, did I love everything just because it was free? No. Continue reading to find out my loves and dislikes. I also wanted to share with you prior to because it is not included in this review, that if you haven’t tried their mascara, you absolutely need to. They have, hands down, the best mascara I have ever tried. The mascara I purchased on my own and will continue to repurchase it. I love it.



Eye Shadow Palettes: Currently they have eight eyeshadow palettes at Sally Beauty. They are eight pan palettes and retail for $14.99 I had purchased a palette prior to them sending these to me and I will stand by AMAZING. These shadows are soft, blendable, super pigmented. They are some of the best quality affordable and/or high end shadows I have used and I absolutely love them. These are one of my favorite formulas and I highly recommend these. You can click here to see all of their palettes.

Ultimate Eyes Cream Eye Color: These got excellent reviews on Sally Beauty’s Website but I didn’t like them. They are creamy and super pigmented which is great. However, when I apply it to my eyes in one swipe across for a quick on the go look, I run into that problem that it transfers when I open my eyes….. So I get that smudge on the upper eye. I also tried using them blended out and it just didn’t look good. I tend to not care for this type of product to begin with though, so if you are a fan of this type of product, you may like it. For some reason these never work for me, and that is with every brand so I tend to stay away. These babies retail for $10.99 and there are nine shades to choose from. You could check them out and other reviews here.

Matte Spark Cream Lip Color: I wanted to love these. The shades are absolutely gorgeous. They have a beautiful sparkle to them. These are definitely opaque in color. One swipe application and great applicator. I love the packaging too! I don’t care for matte lipstick. I just can’t stand the dry down. If you don’t mind that and you love matte lipstick you may love these. Too dry for me. I have worn them for short periods of time with a gloss over it and it helped. I prefer creamy lipstick……. however, down below is a matte formula I could wear! These beauties retail for $9.99 at Sally Beauty…… click here

Soft Spot Sheer Blush In The Shade Sweet Surprise: So pretty much I love Col-Lab powders. This blush is no exception. In the winter my complexion is very light to fair. This blush is exactly what it claims to be, a gorgeous easy to blend sheer blush with just a healthy kiss of color. I highly recommend checking out their blush! These blushes are $11.99 and there are four shades to choose from. You can check out their other shade optionse here.

Matte Addiction Liquid Lip Color: I can’t believe it but I love this formula. Again, I hate matte lipstick but this formula is super thin, so when it dries down, your lips just move with it, or it becomes one with your lips? I don’t know how to describe it but is is the only liquid lipstick I have been able to wear that doesn’t have me noticing it all night. It is comfortable, it is pigmented, the packaging is beautiful and they are only $9.99. I absolutely recommend these. Check out all the other options here.

I have more products I purchased from this brand that I absolutely adore. I will share those in another post. Have you tried this brand before?

xo Laura xo

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