Hey Everybody! Who else has purchased the Misunderstood Palette From Colourpop? I absolutely was not going to purchase this palette, but I was in Ulta and wanted to swatch it…….. From the moment I did I was sold. I don’t just love this palette, I find it to be absolutely mind blowing. Let’s get into why!

Product Claims/Information: This is a mixed finish 15 pan eyeshadow palette. It includes intense mattes, duochromes, and metallics. This is a pressed powder pallet. It claims to be highly pigmented, apply evenly and be long wearing. They state on the website that this is a softer formula and it is supposed to adhere easily to the eyes. The palette retails for $22 and is cruelty free.

My Thoughts: For a pressed powder palette my mind is just blown. It does not feel like pressed powder nor swatch like pressed powder. There is something about this formula that is like magic. Do you not see those swatches? The mattes, metallics and duochromes are all beautiful, smooth, creamy and pigmented. The shift in the duochrome is impressive. It absolutely does adhere to your eyes. The blue shade is so intense, I was worried I would get highly pigmented blue all over my face……. No fall out. This shadow applied like no other……. Shades too intense for you??????? Easy…… do what I did (pictured below). I applied the very intense blue to my eyes, then I used the white one to slowly soften it to my liking.

Overall: This palette is Limited Edition and I really think you would be missing out if you didn’t get it. This palette is like no other (and my collection of palettes is huge). The shades, the formula, the way you can mix the shades to create a different shade, the intense shift in the duochromes etc all make for a very fun and easy application. Best of all, this palette has really inspired me to try so many different looks. It is fun to use and user friendly. 100% recommend this palette. Five Stars all the way! Visit Colourpop to see more.

Excuse The Close Up Lol

xo Laura xo

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