I saw these palettes when shopping in the store and had to pick them up. I’ll start by telling you the product claims, and then let you know my opinion.

Product Information: One palette comes with six mineral eye shades. The mineral formula is said to reflect light away from imperfections while the gemstone-inspired tones enhance your natural eye beauty. Can use an individual shade for a fast, fuss free application or use multiple shades together. These products are not tested on animals and are Paraben free. This palette can be found on pixibeauty.com. It comes in nine different color choices. Original price is $12. I have also seen them go on sale at pixibeauty.com for $6

My Thoughts: This review is based on the Desert Sunset palette. I have not put the Opal Glow Palette (the one with the lighter shades) to the test yet. When swatching I immediately noticed how soft and creamy these shadows felt. They were not at all dry nor chalky. They swatched beautifully. I also do a test where I purposefully put too much onto the back of my hand. I make sure it looks blotchy with really dark areas….. then I try to blend it out. I do this to see how difficult it would be to correct a mistake like that if it were to happen when applying to the eyes. These shadows passed that test with flying colors. You already know how I am though, even though it looks and feels good when swatching, that is no indication of how they will apply with brushes.

This portion of the review is based on my application with eyeshadow brushes. I never use the applicator that comes with the shadows. There was no kickback in this palette when I did my makeup. Because these shadows were so creamy when swatching, I really was skeptical about them applying well to the eyes. I was very pleasantly surprised. These shadows went on so easy. Putting the shadow on softly was a breeze and so was building it up. These shadows could be worn either way easily. I used an eyeshadow primer as I always do, and my makeup wore all day. There was no fall out when applying the shadows and blending was super easy. I was very impressed by these shadows. I am very picky when it comes to eyeshadow and typically prefer high end. These are just as good as most high end shadows and the price can not be beat!

If you are looking for an affordable eyeshadow that works, I highly recommend this palette. As far as light reflecting whatever they claim……. who knows? But it definitely enhanced my natural eye beauty 😉 This product is a definite yes!

Have you guys tried any Pixi by Petra products? Let me know in the comments!

xo Laura xo

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