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Superstay 24 Hour Liquid Lipstick in the Shade Constant Toast Review

First I want to say that I absolutely love the shade of this liquid lip. With Spring coming, I have been into pale lips and this just looked so pretty. I also really appreciate the concept of this product. The moisturizing side that comes along with this product works really well. I think it is convenient to package both the liquid lip and the moisturizer together.

Other than that, I really don’t have anything else nice to say 😦 Let me start out with the product claims: From the Maybelline Website; A 24 hour liquid lip color that wont cake, dry or flake. Microflex technology that keeps lips looking and feeling freshly applied.

Directions: Apply liquid lipstick to clean bare lips. Allow two minutes to dry. Apply the balm over it to seal in moisture. Reapply balm as needed. Remove with oil based cleanser.

My Opinion on the Claims: In my opinion this did not last for 24 hours or anywhere near that. It smelled chemically and I do not like putting things on my lips that smells like a chemical. Again, this is just my opinion, but it smelled really bad to me. The first time I applied this I put it on and started to do something while waiting for the two minutes to pass. It was so tacky and gross feeling. When I went to apply the moisturizer my lips were kind of stuck together ever so slightly pulling and peeling the lip color…… It looked awful. I just removed it. The next time I applied I felt like I had to keep my mouth open until it dried. It was not comfortable, and was a long two minutes. It was very drying. I put the moisturizer on which feels really nice, but the product still peeled soon after application, especially in the center of my lips. It still dried and flaked.

Final Thoughts: I can not stand the way this product smells or feels. It is so uncomfortable. I think most liquid lips and moisturizers are better than this. It kind of reminded me of lipscense in a way. Not for me, will not repurchase, and will not finish this one. Sorry Maybelline, I usually love your lip products, but this one just didn’t work out. These are $10.49 and I there are others I would prefer for that price.

Have you tried this product? Did it work for you? Tricks or Tips? Maybe I’m doing something wrong :/

xo Laura xo

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15 thoughts on “Superstay 24 Hour Liquid Lipstick in the Shade Constant Toast Review

  1. I tried this in red aggggges ago, and I THINK I liked … I think but, this was back when I was 16 and still used Miss Sporty, so who knows? Definitely brought back some nostalgic memories this post has, of my first ever makeup bag. If you’re wanting something similar to try, I SWEAR by the Loreal matte lipsticks/glosses or NYX 🙂


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