I have wanted this palette for well over a year. The Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette retails for $65 at Sephora. Originally this was a limited edition palette, but, it came back and has been around for a while. For about a year, every time this palette came back in stock, it would sell out in less than 24 hours. Anyway, they are in stock now, and, I got one!

This palette comes with 18 shadows. Eleven of these shadows are matte, the remaining seven are pressed pearl and textured. I did so much homework on this palette before purchasing. It got a lot of negative reviews because of the textured shadows. Again, these do need to be applied differently than your typical shadow. You could apply with your finger and you could use a glitter primer as well. If you have application questions let me know, I could do a seperate post for that.

The matte shadows vary in the texture. Some are soft, smooth and buttery while others are very dry and chalky. When applied with a brush it made no difference though, they applied beautifully. Now, again, the textured shadows were tricky, but I knew they would be and I was up for the challenge. I loved them, and my looks with this palette have come out beautiful.

IS IT WORTH IT????  Nope, and here is why. For only $15 you can get almost all of  the same shadows. The textured shadows look, feel and apply the same. I can not tell any difference between them. There are a couple matte shades missing in the Makeup Revolution Palette, but for the most part it is identical…….. I have been testing this dupe…. I have worn the Makeup Revolution Rose Gold Palette on one eye and the Huda on the other. The looks come out the same and they both last all day. I’d say if you have been thinking about the Huda palette but the price was an issue, get the Makeup Revolution palette. I promise you it is almost the same exact, and if you don’t like one, you won’t like the other.


Have you tried either of these???? What are your thoughts? Dupe?

xo Laura xo

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