I bought the Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss in the shade Mirrored at Sephora for $30. The sparkles made me do it!! I will tell you what the product claims followed by my opinion on if it holds true. I’ll also tell you if I think it’s worth the money.

Product Claims: The following is from the Sephora website; “The Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss’ hydrating plumper instantly produces a natural-looking volumized effect day after day. Bursting with hyaluronic acid spheres that capture and retain the surrounding water, its quenches lips so that they appear full with lasting moisture. Its crystal-handled applicator maximizes the glossy result and deposits the perfect amount onto lips for greater precision of application. Enriched with 70 percent mirror-shine stretch oils, it provides ultra-glossy shine and glides smoothly over the lips to create an eye-catching, glossy look with an ultra-lightweight, comfortable texture.”

My Opinion: Well, that’s a lot of claim….. I would say that due to the shine and light reflection my lips appeared full. This gloss does not feel like a lip plumper, it does not tingle, and wears like a comfortable gloss. My lips felt moisturized. I do not know if this has a crystal handle, precision and application was not made easier. I actually felt like the product distributed unevenly. My lips were ultra shiny, glossy and smooth. This lip gloss and all of it’s shimmer is eye-catching and stunning.

Is It Worth $30: This gloss is stunning. If you like a non-gritty, non-sticky, smooth comfortable high shine gloss with billions of glitter specs…….. Then YES!!!! It is worth every damn penny. I couldn’t believe I spent this much on a gloss. I have been shaking my head for months at this product. The darn thing doesn’t even apply evenly, lol. The applicator could be better, but OMG, it is so beautiful and flattering that I am just going to disregard it. I love the way this looks on me. It is my cup of tea. I love it and already ordered a back up. Do not get this if you don’t like to sparkle. I don’t know about the other shades, but for my sparkly nude shade self, this gloss was amaze. I am one of those that if my eyes are dramatic, my lips are simple, and if my lips are dramatic, my eyes are simple. I tend to draw all the attention to one or the other. This is great for a dramatic, sparkly lip and nude soft eyes with dramatic lashes.

Remember guys, this is based on my preference. You know what you love. I am a sucker for sparkle, not chunky glitter, but sparkle.

I’m a sucker for sparkle, what get’s you?

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xo Laura xo

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