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Maybelline New York Total Temptation Shadow and Highlight Palette First Impression

I am not a snob with makeup, however, since using high end shadows, it has been very difficult to go back to drugstore. My first impression of this palette by Maybelline is…… Beautiful!!! For my preference, the selection of shadows is perfection. There is a base shade, transition shade and highlight for each side of the palette. Upon opening the palette…….. Where is the brush???? It does not include any type of applicator? That’s ok with me because I have brushes, but for some, that may be a problem. I hesitantly began to swatch and the shadows felt really soft. There was some kickback but nothing major. These shadows swatched beautifully. The shimmer and glitter shades are buttery and not chunky at all. So far I am impressed and excited. The darker shades come out slightly patchy on swatch, but that means nothing to me on first impression. I very much look forward to seeing how these apply on the eyes. I am in love so far with the texture, pigment, and shade selection.

Have you used this palette? What are your thoughts? What are some of your favorite drugstore shadows?

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