The Walmart Beauty Box is a quarterly or Seasonal Subscription Box. They send you a box of samples for only $5 for shipping! That’s it!! I have had some boxes that were amazing. This one didn’t blow me away, but I am still so happy with it. I am obviously on the hunt to find my favorite products and am tired of buying full size items and not really caring for them. This box has introduced me to some new affordable favorites! I also love that the products you get in this box are usually my necessities.  In past boxes I have gotten toothpaste, deodorant, ponds face cream, chapstick etc. The best part is they often send you decent size samples of items that are just about to come out, new seasonal releases, so instead of buying into the new products, you get to try before you buy!

They sell two versions of this box. One is the Classic recommended for ages 35 and up. The other is the Trendsetter recommended for under age 35. I get both. There are many duplicates but some items differ. This is the Classic Box. I will do a review when the Trendsetter Box gets here.

This months box contained:

  • 1.7oz Schwarzkopf Hair Repair Ultra Moisture Conditioner
  • 1.7oz Schwarzkopf Hair Repair Ultra Moisture Shampoo
  • 2oz Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer
  • 1.5oz John Frieda Frizz Ease Daily Nourishment Conditioner
  • Biore Free Your Pores Baking Soda Acne Scrub
  • .03oz Palmer’s Coconut Facial Oil
  • .17oz Palmer’s Coconut Facial Oil Moisturizer (Foil Packet)
  • Rimmel London Stay Matte Lightweight Liquid Mousse Foundation (Foil Packet with a $1 off coupon if you like it)

Overall: This box didn’t overly excite me, I am usually thrilled with my box, but… I am never disappointed with this box. I do get disappointed if I buy a full size and don’t care for it. I almost always try everything in this box, but if I can’t use it for some reason I will just pass it on to one of my kids to try. These can also be saved for awesome stocking stuffers, or to gift to somebody.

You can sign up for the Walmart Beauty Box Here!

xo Laura xo

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