Last week I did part one of my current favorites. I didn’t want the post to be too long so I split it up into two posts. You can check out part one here.  I’m just going to jump right into the second part of my routine, and current favorite products.



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I really like Burts Bees products in general.  I love how natural the products are and how consistent the line is as far as quality is concerned.  I figured I’d try this serum. When first looking at it it’s milky consistency turned me off, but I figured I’d give it a go. It smells kind of earthy, but I don’t mind that. Even though I was initially turned off I gave this a go and I love it. It spreads well, a little goes a long way and it absorbs really quickly leaving behind no residue. I have noticed a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and my face does feel more firm.  I don’t know if it’s this product alone, or the entire skincare routine, but I enjoy this product, how natural it is, and how well it compliments the other products I use.


After I use my serum I use a sheet mask. I do this step a few times a week and is is so relaxing.  I love the benefits sheet masks provide. These are some of the masks I have been enjoying this year.


I love how thick this eye cream is, but how thinly it spreads.  It does not cake up like others I have tried.  With continued use the fine lines around my eyes are almost non-existent.  Again, I don’t know if it is my entire routine, or this product alone, but I will continue to use this cream unless I find something I enjoy more through a sample.


Over the winter my skin was so dry and I was in desperate need of moisture.  This definitely is a moisture bomb. This cream makes my skin instantly feel soft and hydrated. I absolutely love how well this product works. This is my night time face moisturizer and I don’t see myself replacing it. I love this stuff!!!

My current skincare routine is bomb for my skincare needs.  My face has never looked so good. My dry skin has healed, my complexion is more evenly toned, and my fine lines have diminished to the point that I notice a big enough difference to continue with these products. I will def repurchase all of my favorites!! Please let me know if you would like a more in-depth review of any one of these products.

xo Laura xo

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