Let me start by saying that I love this palette. The packaging is cute and durable. I personally enjoy opening this palette and smelling candy peaches. I know not everyone likes scents, I love it. The color selection in this palette is a wide range of beautiful colors. So many different looks can be achieved with this palette from natural to dramatic. It also includes an easy to follow tutorial glamor guide with three looks you can easily create by following the instructions and colors given to you in the instructions.

Some of my favorite colors are: Top row: luscious, just peachy, and bless her heart. All three have a beautiful gold shimmer to them. Middle row: cobbler, candid peach, bellini and peach pit. Bottom row: Georgia, caramelized and talk derby to me.

While the above are some of my favorite colors I have to say that this palette does have some inconsistencies in the quality of the shadows, and I do dislike that in a palette. Some of these shadows are soft, buttery, pigmented and have no fall-out, and others feel a little dry, chalky, have some fall-out and take just a little more effort when working with them. Some shadows that I found to have fall-out are: candied peach, delectable, talk derby to me. That’s to name a few. While those colors are a little more difficult to work with, they are also some of my favorite colors.

Final thoughts: For myself, I don’t mind putting in a little extra thought when working with those shadows. I do my eye makeup first and then clean up any fall-out and apply foundation and the rest of my makeup. The cons don’t ruin this palette for me. Most of the shadows are great and I get so many gorgeous looks out of this palette. It’s one of my favorites for so many reasons and I would purchase again. But when asked if it’s worth the hype???? I take reviewing very seriously and I’d have to say No, it’s not worth the hype in my opinion. When people are counting on my opinion to decide if they should purchase or not what comes to my mind with hype is this…. If you can only afford to get one palette and one palette only, there are palettes with a gorgeous color range that are all great quality shadows. When I say yes, a palette is worth the hype, it’s not for cute packaging and pretty colors. I will only say it’s worth the hype if it’s practical, and every single shadow is a great high quality shadow. Those palettes do exist and they are worth the hype. Now, if you love the colors in this palette or you love the packaging or scent and can only buy one palette, get it if you love it. I don’t for a second think you’d regret it. I love this palette. What I’m saying is, not every great palette can be hyped up. This is a great palette, but for me, hype means excellent and it can’t be beaten in any of the categories reviewed, and in my opinion, I relate hype to quality and consistency. Everyone is different though. Great palette and very happy with my purchase.

What are your thoughts?

xo Laura xo

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